Donnerstags-Vortrag #68 The cultural significance and the conservation of the 'cartoni' by Gino Severini

This presentation will discuss the unexpected and challenging find of the 'cartoni' used by Gino Severini to transfer the drawing onto the walls in the churches in La Roche and in Sion.

07.03.2024, 5pm–6pm – HKB, Auditorium, Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern and online

A man's head with long hair and beard in profile, on the left as a line drawing, on the right as a wall painting.
Left: detail of one of the 'cartoni' found in the La Roche archive / right: the corresponding detail of the wall painting representing the Last Supper in the La Roche church. Image: SUPSI

Watch the presentation here.

Finding Severini’s 'cartoni' was an extraordinary event for the understanding of the painting technique adopted by the artist. The finding was part of the FNS research project ‘Gino Severini in Switzerland: mural paintings and catholic art revival of the Groupe de Saint-Luc’. These fragile objects, of large dimensions, contain precious information regarding the method followed by the artist in the creation of his monumental works. The presentation will illustrate in detail the 'cartoni' and their role as artist tools. It will also discuss the challenges linked to their preservation and dissemination. This experience has highlighted the need for sharing knowledge regarding the preservation of this type of objects full of significance not only as part of cultural heritage but also as tangible evidence of the artistic and creative process.

Speakers: Francesca Pique, Carmen Effner, Nicola Gammaldi
Presentation: Carmen Effner
Host: Institut Materialität in Kunst und Kultur

The lecture will be held in German, English and French.


  • Start date 07.03.2024, 5pm–6pm
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  • Place HKB, Auditorium, Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern and online