Christian Marclay: Investigations

18.07.2022 The internationally renowned artist collaborated with ten pianists from the HKB in order to create a Swiss premiere of his performance “Investigations”, which is based on a photographic score. Here is a video review.

The musicians had the task of precisely recomposing the pianistic situations shown in the photographs. Eight students from the bachelor’s and master’s programs in jazz and classical music participated in this project. The musical supervision was led by Christian Marclay, who was on campus, as well as the two pianists Jacques Demierre and HKB lecturer Antoine Françoise. The performance was presented in December 2021 at the Yehudi Menuhin Forum in Bern.

With Christian Marclay (comp), Jacques Demierre, Antoine Françoise, Lis Marti, Laurie May Lepoutre, Marianna Angel, Wonny Park, Matthieu Trovato, Leo Brown, Matthieu Matthieu Mazué and Fei Nie

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