About the agency

Since 2004, KULT has been connecting students from various disciplines to a broad clientele for artistic engagements, thus offering students their first exposure to the professional world.


With its founding in 2004, the KULT agency began building connections between HKB students working within the arts and clients seeking artistic performances. The areas of music, literature and theater are particularly in demand. 

Former voice student and cultural manager Nina Grunder established KULT at the HKB – initially involving the field of classical music and then jazz. The agency soon established itself successfully within the Bern area and carried out its first concert series and co-productions. From 2012, under the new leadership of Elise Tricoteaux, the agency’s work was further professionalized and included HKB’s Theatre department. Since 2018, the agency has been led by Claudia Kühne, who included artistic mandates and digital formats to KULT’s range of services. Claudia Kühne continued to strengthen the networks within the various HKB departments. KULT’s sphere of activity is particularly focused on the canton of Bern, although projects are also carried out in all other cantons of Switzerland.

KULT allows students to network, gain experience, and connect with their audience. In addition, students learn about the legal and financial basics of their profession. The fees go towards helping finance their studies. 



As the director of KULT, Claudia Kühne takes on artistic mandates, larger projects as well as the format development of the agency.

If you have any questions for the director, or if you would like to make an appointment, please email claudia.kuehne@hkb.bfh.ch.


The empathic cunsultant and professional musician and cultural manager Annina Mossoni has joined the team in August 2022.

Get in touch with her by pohne (+41 31 848 39 75) or by e-mail (kult@hkb.bfh.ch).

Porträt vor hellgrauem Hintergrund steht Claudia Kühne mit rotem Lippenstift, lächelnd ohne Zähne zu zeigen. Sie hat rötliches, bewegtes Haar, das das Gesicht umrahmt. Sie trägt eine schwarze Bluse.
Die junge Frau vor hellgrauem Hintergrund, in dunklem Oberteil, offenem, schulterlangem braunem Haar, freundlichen Blick in die Kamera.

Gabriele Keck, Vice Director Historical Museum Bern:

"We have been working with KULT on a wide variety of occasions and events for several years now. We have continuously experienced KULT to be a reliable partner when it comes to responding to our plans and specific requests (e.g. Museum Night and Medieval spectacle) and swiftly recruiting and hiring acting and/or music students from the HKB. We are also very happy about the collaboration with the music supervisors at Oberhofen Castle arranged by KULT. We are thus very happy to recommend KULT to others."

Kurt Hess, Secretary General Swiss Music Council SMR:

“The performance was wonderful, and everything else worked out as well! I thank you very much for your great contribution.”

Corinne and Paul Laciga:

"We used the services offered by the KULT agency for our wedding. For us, the quality of music was very important. A string quartet was one of the highlights during the church ceremony. Even thinking back today, we still get goose bumps. During the reception, our guests were offered another special musical highlight: a singer, accompanied by a pianist, performing songs by the Gershwin brothers – an absolute dream. Thanks to KULT, the most beautiful day of our lives was made even more memorable."

Irene and Peter Regli:

"We wish to sincerely thank you for connecting us with the two musicians. These two artists, along with their flute and harp, provided a very special touch to our party of 60 people on the 3rd November at the Bären in Boll. The musical performances were received with great joy; the music was so moving!
We please ask you to extend our thankyous to the two musicians. Both of them greatly enriched our celebration. We can only praise and congratulate you on the idea of your ‘agency’. There is no doubt that you are meeting a great need. We are very grateful to have discovered “KULT”!"

E. Jornod, CEO Galenica:

«Nos invités, comprenant des Administrateurs de sociétés et des cadres supérieurs, ont beaucoup apprécié le duo qui nous a proposé un mélange harmonieux de tradition et d’improvisation. La complicité des musiciens et leur une joie évidente ont rayonné sur notre soirée, procurant un grand et réel plaisir à tout le monde ! Un grand merci et nos meilleurs vœux de succès pour l’avenir du très sympathique duo. »

Dr. med. N. Roth

“Once again, many thanks for arranging the two musicians for my daughter’s wedding celebration. Everything worked out wonderfully and I was more than happy in every aspect. I will be happy to recommend your services to others as well.” 

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