KULT: Student Agency

Book HKB students for your next event! Be it musical contributions, theatrical performances, readings or workshops with music and art educators: We can cater to your wishes.

We offer:

  • To connect outstanding students for artistic services, especially in the areas of music, theatre, performance and literature;
  • countless live offerings, as well as digital and analog formats;
  • artistic supervision and mandates for projects and concert series;
  • offers relating to cultural and music education;
  • individual consultation, tailor-made concepts, high artistic quality, as well as fair and transparent conditions;
  • the opportunity to support young artists;
  • the experience from an average of 200 mediated engagements per year.


Annina Mossoni can be contacted by phone under  +41318483975:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9–12am

Outside of these indicated times, you are welcome to leave a message or get in touch via E-Mail.

Do you have any praise or criticism?

Thank you for your feedback. It is important to us to constantly develop the quality of our offerings. And the young artists are also happy to receive praise or criticism: