What we offer

Apart from our main focus, which is the booking of live musical performances, we also offer numerous other options. Allow us to advise you and benefit from our many years of experience.

From the initial contact to the conclusion of the contract

Initial contact and consultation

If you need advice for your event, we look forward to an initial, non-binding consultation during which we find out together what kind of artistic program best fits your event. 

Required information oder What we need to know

  • Where and when will the event take place?
  • What type of musical or artistic performance do you wish to have?
  • For the special formats: Please provide the format title and, if already provided, your desired music/scene/text passage.
  • Is it a concert situation, shorter musical interludes, background music…?
  • Duration of the performance
  • Infrastructure (what is available / what is needed)
  • Do you already have a concrete idea regarding the size of the ensemble or the cast, perhaps also regarding the desired repertoire?
  • Have you already set a budget?

Having this information usually allows us to provide you with a proposal within a few days. Ideally, contact us at least three to four weeks before the date of the event. However, depending on the complexity and the type of performance, short-term engagements are also possible. 

The next steps

Only when one of our performance offerings has been decided upon, will we reach the conclusion of the contract. All costs are already included in our invoice: fees, social benefits of the artists, as well as our commission. 

The invoiced amount only needs to be transferred after the event and the artistic performance has taken place. 


You can reach the agency by telephone under  +41318483975:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9.30am–12pm

Outside of these indicated times, you are welcome to leave a message or get in touch via E-Mail.


We offer music in all styles and formations, from classical to jazz to sound arts, world music or pop. 


Accordion, bass clarinet, viola, recorder, cello (violoncello), harpsichord, electric base, euphonium, bassoon, violin, vocals (almost all genres), guitar, harp, horn, clarinet, piano, double bass, lute, oboe, organ, trombone, flute, saxophone, percussion, trumpet, tuba 

Music styles

Our portfolio is varied and flexible due to our constantly evolving and changing student body: you can expect a varied smorgasbord from the musical styles jazz, classical, pop, sound arts, opera/operetta, composition/musical theatre. Do not hesitate to ask us about your specific wishes!

Music and movement

In the study area Music and Movement – Rhythmics, students receive broad musical, dance and pedagogical training with individual foci in dance, voice or instrument. Time and again, artistic choreographies and thematic dance miniatures are created, which are booked for festivals or as gala interludes. 

Sound Arts

The students within the Sound Arts program are working with electronic music and the creation of new sounds. They produce podcasts, jingles, image and video soundtracks and are active DJ’s or live electronic artists. There are also singer/songwriters and a variety of bands that can be booked from this program. 
In the field of sound installations, students are able to offer multi-channel space-filling soundscapes, as well as smaller sound objects, that can act as audible eye-catchers oder ear-catchers.

Our actors are very versatile: emcees, photo shoots, film clips, readings, plays, comic performances, role-plays at workshops, radio plays, acrobatics, dance, puppetry and much more. 

In collaboration with the department of theater, we will work out suitable formats for you, whether it be a simple reading or a series of scenes written and staged specifically to fit your occasion. We are happy to help find the right cultural performance to suit your event. 

Would you like to experience young literature up close? Would you like to have a particular topic put into literary form? Or are you looking for a letter exchange with writers? As part of the HKB, the Swiss Literature Institute Biel trains young authors and works closely with KULT. We are happy to cater to your wishes. 


Live performances are our specialty. Whether in a garden, stairwell, restaurant or on a stage: a live event is touching, exciting, improvisational and irreplaceable. They allow us to experience something within the moment, and alongside others. We will gladly advise you on the most suitable live performance and everything that is involved. Our approach is solution-oriented to ensure nothing stands in the way of your event!

A virtue out of necessity: As a result of the pandemic, new formats emerged that enable people to participate and engage in culture even from afar. Since then, concerts, readings, and theatrical scenes can be individually designed within a digital space.  

Even for people without access to the digital world, there are ways of bringing culture within reach: for example, surprise telephone concerts or letter exchanges with young authors. 

Are you interested in something in particular: We are happy to advise you!

Whether in a live setting, digital or analogue: particularly touching and inspiring formats can also be created with the participation of the audience members. Each event is uniquely tailored to you. We will gladly advise you, and in collaboration with you, develop and implement a concept that suits your context. 

KULT takes on artistic mandates for concert series or artistic direction, coordination and supervision at festivals and major events. We look forward to working with you!


2019-2021: Artistic direction «Kultur im Viktoria» (Claudia Kühne): Media work, moderation, organization, programming, texts, bookings, artist support, collaboration with Radio RaBe and coordination of live broadcasts. 

2019 Mandate of the Canton Bern (Claudia Kühne): Fete des Vignerons, Bernese Cantonal Day, Vevey 2019: program and organization of street artists, as well as on site coordination.

2020 «Heure Blue», bookings/organization KULT (Nicolas Wolf). As a way of fare-welling the year 2020, HKB students created short videos which were screened on a daily basis, as sort of a daily cultural greeting.

Summer 2022: Mandate KULT (Nicolas Wolf) for the artistic program and coordination of artists of the HKB at the Bern City Festival. 

Apéros, abdication ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, opening ceremonies, festivals, film shoots, company events, galas, birthday celebrations, church services, house concerts, marriage proposals, wedding ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, children’s concerts, congresses, concerts, concert series, cultural events in restaurants and hotels, customer events, readings, trade fair appearances, lunchtime concerts, fashion shows, political events, stag/bachelorette parties, award ceremonies, private events, neighbourhood festivals, radio broadcasts, street parties, christenings, theatrical events, school concerts, lakeside plays, conferences, theatre productions, farewells to employees, club events, vernissages, Christmas parties, advertising events, housewarmings, train inaugurations