For students

HKB students who are interested in engagements through KULT can find information about the registration and the rest of the process here.

Aufnahme aus dem Publikum: B├╝hne in blauem und rotem Licht. Drei Blasinstrumente, ein Kontrabass und ein Schlagzeug werden gespielt.
Tzupati Orchestra, 2021, Photo: Samuel Bosshardt

KULT connects you with paid cultural projects. You may register, as soon as you have qualitatively very good projects, bands, solo repertoires or ensembles. 

We offer:

  • Consultation of your artistic dossier
  • Practical experience
  • Fair fees
  • Social security within the framework of your activity
  • Opportunity to development a professional network 


Annina Mossoni:

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am–12pm
Outside these hours, feel free to leave a message or write an email.


Room 101, Papiermühlestrasse 13a, 3014 Bern