The Y Institute

The Y Institute is a centre for transdisciplinary tuition. Its core principle is the conviction that art and thinking don't stop at generic borders. The Y Institute sees itself as a place of communication between various forms of realisation and representation. In its teaching curriculum, the Y orchestrates collaborations between various art forms. It works on developing cross-sections of art. Thus, it brings various different disciplines and cultures of knowledge closer together. 

The offered teaching of the Y includes the transdisciplinary programme for Bachelor and Master students and the transdisciplinary BA courses for X+Y students. It also runs the Master of Contemporary Arts Practice with specialisations in the fields Fine Arts, Music, Literature and Performance.


Bern Academy of the Arts
Y Institute
Fellerstrasse 11
CH-3027 Bern

Secretariat Opening Hours

09:00–12:00 | 14:00–16:00