About the Conservation and Restoration Division

Conservation and Restoration deals with the perception, documentation, preservation and renovation of the material and immaterial components of art and cultural objects. It is only through an in-depth understanding of the material essence, the social context and the artistically relevant aspects of a work that it can be given the appropriate treatment. Specialist scientific and art historical knowledge are combined with specific knowledge of the object in question and the context where it originated, allowing the best possible process to be developed and implemented. Working so closely with objects requires a precise and patient approach, while the process as a whole calls for a thoughtful method and technical care, as well as a sense of responsibility.

While the basic elements of the course apply to painting and archaeological findings, as well as to video art, contemporary installations, technical cultural objects and buildings worthy of preservation, including their interiors, the education provided also allows students to specialise in a particular area with an eye to their subsequent professional activity.

The Division of Conservation and Restoration is part of the Swiss Conservation-Restoration Campus (Swiss CRC).


Bern Academy of the Arts
Conservation and Restoration
Fellerstrasse 11
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