To us, composition means shaping sounds, music and situations. With specialisations in Creative Practice and Contemporary Jazz, we offer a flexible and open concept for individual needs.

Umrisse von zwei Musizierenden

What does it mean to be ‘composing music’ nowadays? What means of expression do you want to be working with? Are you a composer or rather a performer, or both? And do you need a score to realise your ideas? 

The Master’s programme in Composition offers you the opportunity to invent and position yourself as a composer or author of music. We support your approaches, which can range from experimental forms of musical theatre, chamber music with live electronics to contemporary big band jazz and microtonal studies. What is important, is that you bring a strong creative power, are able to organize your projects and have a clear aesthetic vision.  

At the HKB you are at one of the most modern composition departments in Europe, as many experts confirm again and again. In block courses, projects, in exchange with students from many different countries and with the range of courses in art, literature, theatre and much more, you will benefit from being immersed in a stimulating environment.