Sound Arts

Here we delve into electronic music, sound art and new media and accompany you as you work on your own artistic projects.

How do sound, image and space influence each other? How is music composed in media contexts and what criteria are used to design electronic sounds? What forms of interactivity can be realized in sound installations? These are the kinds of questions we delve into about sound art, film music and electronic music as part of the Sound Arts Bachelor’s programme. Regardless of whether you start the programme as a DJ, pianist or sound artist or composer – the basis is always your own artistic project, which you realise individually or collectively.  

All the way through to your presentation, you will benefit from a wide range of lessons and will be accompanied by competent musicians and guest lecturers. Studios and classrooms are accessible around the clock.  

The unique, interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice at the HKB offers an interesting perspective following the Bachelor’s programme.