Jazz and Contemporary Music

Discover and develop your own voice as a musician, artist or mediator at the Bern Academy of the Arts HKB. The Jazz and Contemporary Music Department offers you four study programs.

The HKB’s Jazz Department offers one of Europe’s most advanced programmes for Jazz and Contemporary Music. After acquiring a strong theoretical basis, students are free to experiment at will – developing individual projects with influences including avant-pop, electronics, contemporary classical composition, songwriting, standards, pedagogy, performance, research and music production.
We promote skills in Music Business and active Entrepreneurship, as well as creating interdisciplinary projects with other HKB departments (theatre, classical music, literature, visual art). A friendly and supportive atmosphere sets the tone, and performance opportunities are plentiful.  Our team consists of internationally renowned artists and teachers, augmented with regular external masterclasses, and we are committed to social and musical diversity and inclusion.  HKB Jazz is a “jazz” course for the 21st Century!