Services at the HKB

The range of services offered by the HKB is diverse. It includes the placement of students for artistic engagements, educational programs for schools as well as research and development services.

KULT: Student Agency

Founded in 2004, the KULT agency began building bridges between HKB students working in the arts and clients interested in artistic engagements. The areas of music, literature and theatre are particularly in demand. 

KULT allows students to network, gain experience and connect with their audience. Furthermore, students learn about the legal and financial basics of their profession. The generated pay helps students to finance their studies.

Offers for schools

We offer teachers and students at upper secondary level a variety of opportunities to gain insight into the everyday life of an art academy: Guided tours through the departments, workshops at the university or at schools, taster courses, rehearsal visits and much more. 

The HKB works together with secondary schools and middle schools, maintains direct contact with teachers, regularly informs about offers and collaborates with school classes.

The content is available in German and French only as it addresses Swiss schools.

Additional services


We provide research and development services to companies, organisations and also private individuals. Please feel free to contact us via the links below. We can offer you a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. 

Our services include:

  • Consultations
  • specialist expertise
  • comparative studies
  • coachings
  • expert opinions
  • cooperation with project partners
  • evaluations
  • lectures


Business Lab: Cultural Entrepreneurship at the HKB: Research and development services

Art and Design

Mediothek: The Mediothek is accessible to the public and aims to be a source of inspiration and information for interested specialists and non-specialists.  

MediaLab: Competence center for audiovisual design and photography
Conservation and restoration

Conservation and restoration

Kunsttechnologisches Labor: Material analysis of art and cultural property


Klingendes Museum: Playing and discovering yesterday’s instruments today
Musikbibliothek: Specialised scientific library for musicians
Tonstudio: Competence center for music and sound production