Literary Writing

Our BA in Literary Writing – the only one of its kind in Switzerland – provides around 15 students the opportunity to develop their craft intensively over the course of three years.

  • Developing independent and thoughtful creative methods. 
  • Presenting your work regularly and learning to welcome and implement constructive criticism.
  • Interacting with other writers and French-speaking students in other departments at HKB.
  • Examining your role as an author in the field of contemporary literature.
  • Exploring the theoretical underpinnings of text analysis.


  • Title/Degree Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Specialisations
  • Mode of study Full-time (6 semesters)
  • Start date Mon, 16.9.2024
  • Application deadline Fri, 15.3.2024
  • ECTS credits 180 ECTS credits
  • Teaching language German, French
  • Location Biel + Bern
  • School Bern Academy of the Arts

For detailed information, go to the German page or the French page.