Gülden Vildan Kavakli


Voice type






Current studies

Master Specialized Music Performance – Oper

Vocal coach

Malin Hartelius

A young woman with long brown hair, worn loose, looks frontally into the camera against a black background.

Former musical studies

  • Diploma (Prof.Sharon Rostorf Zamir), Vocal, Buchmann Mehta School of the Music, Tel Aviv University 
  • Bachelor of Music, Opera Singing, Baskent University State Conservatory, Ankara


Most important projects/concerts

  • 2023 "Second voice" in Heidi celebrates Christmas by F. Müller at the Theater Biel Solothurn

  • 2023 "Fourth Amourette" in Ulysses by R. Keiser at the Theater Biel and Soloturn

  • 2023 "Thirza" in The Wreckers by E. Smyth at the Volkhaus Biel

  •  2023 "Licinia" in Barabbas by A. Maksimov at the Volkskhaus Biel 

  •  2023 Scenes in "Des Knaben Wunderhorn" by G. Mahler (Swiss Opera Studio)

Interview: Three questions for Gülden Vildan Kavakli

Why are you studying opera?

Opera is my way of expressing myself. I have a deep love for classical music in general, but opera, with its combination of music, acting, and sometimes dance, embodies a rich and diverse form of art

What was your first encounter with opera?

My mother is an opera enthusiast, so she took me to watch operas at a young age. I fell in love with this art form from a very early age.

Which is your favorite opera and why?

The first opera I watched was Bizet's "Carmen". It profoundly impressed me with its music and dance, and it remains my favorite opera to this day.