Studying at the HKB means working and living in a stimulating environment. These labs are available to all students at the location of the Design and Fine Arts Division:


The Mechanical Workshop of the Design and Fine Arts Division offers a broad infrastructure, enabling students to work with materials such as metal, wood, textiles and ceramics. An inter-material approach allows projects that incorporate varied materials and techniques. Both analogue and digital technologies are applied. In addition to bronze casting, welding, sawing, sewing and modelling, students also use the embroidery computer, the CNC milling machine and the laser cutter.

The workshop team conducts courses and assists students when realizing their projects in the workshop. After attending an introductory course, students can work independently in the workshop during opening hours. They can also borrow small machinery and tools.

A large collection of samples, which is part of the Material-Archiv network, serves as a basis for studying materials and how to work with them.

Photo HKB Werkstatt


The MediaLab is the service centre and centre of excellence for audiovisual design and photography at the HKB, Division of Design and Fine Arts. The members of the MediaLab give courses, organise photography and AV trainings and advise students, staff members and teachers of the HKB on technical matters and questions of content. The loans desk provides equipment for the creation and presentation of audiovisual and photographic projects to students, staff members and teachers of the HKB. An extensive range of equipment such as video cameras, photo cameras, sound and lighting equipment can be rented from the MediaLab. Alongside the internal university proceedings, the MediaLab also offers competent support to external individuals and institutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with audiovisual commissions.

Photo HKB MediaLab

Printing Studio

In the printing studio you will find the HKB expertise for manual printing techniques. Its employees not only offer various courses in screen printing, gravure printing and letterpress printing, but also support students in their projects if required. After attending an introductory course and after consultation with the responsible lecturers, students can also work independently in the printing studio outside opening hours - around the clock, if desired!

Photo HKB Printing Studio

Media Library

The Media Library is the library of the departments of Design and Art, Conservation and Restoration, the Y Institute (Institute for Transdisciplinarity) and Research. It is open to members of the HKB and external users. 35,000 media are directly available in the open access library, including about 300 periodicals. As a member of the NEBIS network (Network of Libraries and Information Centres in Switzerland), it provides access to more than seven million titles in more than 300 libraries. These titles can be searched online.

Photo HKB Media Library