Valérie Fleur Ryser


Voice type





Current studies

Master Specialized Music Performance – Oper

Vocal coach

Tanja Ariane Baumgartner 


Frontales Portrait der jungen Frau mit  blonden Haaren, einem Jackett und einem schwarzen T-Shirt. Blickt direkt in die Kamera, roter Lippenstift. Im Hintergrund verschwommenes Gewässer und Stadt

Former musical studies

  • 2023: Bachelor of Arts in Music mit Auszeichnung, HSLU Musik, Simone Durrer–Stock


Most important projects/concerts:

  • 2023: Protagonistin Frauenbilder Opernszenen mit Kammerorchester (Händel, Mozart, Offenbach, Donizetti, Puccini, Bernstein), Salquin HSLU, May (Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • 2023: Innovator wider Willen Song duo collaboration at Rachmaninoff Concert, Hans Erni Museum, October
  • 2022: Le Feu, L’Enfant et les sortilèges, Maurice Ravel, Kosmos HSLU, September (Lucerne, Switzerland)  
  • 2022: hör d’amour  song evening about late romanticism, Cantaleum, December (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • 2022: Song duo at HSLU donor concert, Kosmos HSLU, November
  • 2022: Für wilde Herzen, Serenade, Peterskapelle, July (Lucerne, Switzerland)


Interview: Three questions for Valérie Fleur Ryser

Why are you studying opera? 

I love to delve into the depths of the different characters, personalities and stories and let my own colours flow into them or, conversely, to take a colour of them with me. I also think it's great that you can deal with very current topics through a production and at the same time immerse yourself in a completely different world.

What was your first encounter with opera?

When I was three and a half years old, my grandmother invited me to a children's performance of The Magic Flute at the Zurich Opera House. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about this beautiful event, but I still love The Magic Flute very much.

Which is your favourite opera and why? 

It is very difficult for me to name a favourite opera, it changes all the time. However, I can't imagine opera without the classic La Bohème, also because it was the very first opera I attended alone. What touches me about it is that it is realistic and everyday things in life, and of course the beautiful music.

Seitliches Portrait der jungen Frau, blonde Haare, sie hält Notenblätter in der Hand, im Hintergrund Bänke, sie trägt grau und schwarz