About Music Division

The Division of Music at HKB with its clear areas of focus is one of the most progressive music universities in the German-speaking world. In addition to traditional areas of music education in performance and pedagogy, we also maintain a strong research programme, stylistically wide-ranging jazz training, current musical theatre, a specialization in music outreach and a lively spectrum of contemporary music.

Those who study music with us benefit from close links with the visual arts, theater, literature and transdisciplinary projects, because HKB is a comprehensive arts university. Here you will study in a contemporary atmosphere, with personal attention and a strong practical focus (e.g., festivals, CD recordings, outreach projects).


Bern University of the Arts
Ostermundigenstrasse 103
3006 Bern

Opening hours secretariat

Due to the corona virus we have reduced opening hours at the reception. These are as follows: 

Monday–Thursday: 10:00–12:00
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 14:00–16:00

Our Executive Team

Master’s Degrees in Classical Music: Lennart Dohms
Research Assistant in Classical Music: Irène Noguchi
Bachelor’s Degrees in Classical Music: Raphael Camenisch
Master’s Degrees in Pedagogy: Felix Bamert
Jazz: Tom Arthurs
Composition: Xavier Dayer
Opera Studio: Mathias Behrends
Music and Movement (Rhythmics): Claudia Wagner
Sound Arts: Teresa Carrasco, Michael Harenberg
PreCollege Bern HKB: Eva-Maria Neidhart
Wind Orchestra Conducting: Rolf Schumacher
Music in Context: Barbara Balba Weber
Research: Manuel Bärtsch
Library: Andrea Grandjean
Sound Studio: Benoît Piccand