About Music Division

The Division of Music at HKB with its clear areas of focus is one of the most progressive music universities in the German-speaking world. In addition to traditional areas of music education in performance and pedagogy, we also maintain a strong research programme, stylistically wide-ranging jazz training, current musical theatre, a specialization in music outreach and a lively spectrum of contemporary music.

Those who study music with us benefit from close links with the visual arts, theater, literature and transdisciplinary projects, because HKB is a comprehensive arts university. Here you will study in a contemporary atmosphere, with personal attention and a strong practical focus (e.g., festivals, CD recordings, outreach projects).


Bern Academy of the Arts
Ostermundigenstrasse 103
3006 Bern

Opening hours Info Desk

  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 10–12h and 13.30–15.30h 
  • Wednesday: 10–12h
  • Friday: closed

Our Executive Team

Master’s Degrees in Classical Music: Lennart Dohms
Research Assistant in Classical Music: Irène Noguchi
Bachelor’s Degrees in Classical Music: Raphael Camenisch
Master’s Degrees in Pedagogy: Felix Bamert
Jazz: Tom Arthurs
Composition: Xavier Dayer
Opera Studio: Mathias Behrends
Music and Movement (Rhythmics): Claudia Wagner
Sound Arts: Teresa Carrasco, Michael Harenberg
PreCollege Bern HKB: Eva-Maria Neidhart
Wind Orchestra Conducting: Rolf Schumacher
Music in Context: Barbara Balba Weber
Research: Manuel Bärtsch
Library: Andrea Grandjean
Sound Studio: Benoît Piccand