Consulting services

KULT Student Agency

KULT is a student agency that recruits/places music and drama students studying at the Bern Academy of the Arts HKB for events of all kinds. Students from KULT perform at company events, openings, birthday parties, graduation parties, galas, weddings, salon concerts, anniversaries, festivals, etc.


Recording Studio

The Recording Studio and sound equipment can be rented by internal and external individuals and institutions for music and sound productions. The projects are supervised by the Studio Manager and/or studio staff, with the schedule giving preference to university projects. Production costs vary greatly depending on the project.


HKB Music Library

HKB’s Music Library is a specialised academic library for musicians. It is open to the students, lecturers and staff of the Music Division of Bern Academy of the Arts as well as all other interested individuals. The Music Library is a customer-focused service provider.