Only the dead fish goes with a flow Masterproduktion Expanded Theater

In ihrem Solo untersucht Izabela Orzelowska Protestbewegungen als Antriebskraft für Fortschritt.

03.09.2022, 19.00 Uhr – HKB Theater, Zikadenweg 35, 3006 Bern

Bild aus der Bildwelt für die Diplomveranstaltungen 22 im Pixel-Style, blau mit Gesichtsausschnitten.

«Only the dead fish goes with a flow» von Izabela Orzelowska

«Only the dead fish goes with a flow» treats resistance as a force for change. It builds on and analyses the actions like strikes, protests or demonstrations and portrays them as necessary and important in today’s world, making us realize the ongoing need for progress in shaping perceptions of women’s position in society.  
The poetry of this piece and the notion of woman is being expressed, elaborated and experienced by the complexity of various forms of expression. It is a performance with a more rebellious, less rational, more united and less dominant galaxy of possibilities.

Performance & Music composition: Izabela Orzelowska
Technical development, stage & light design: Gonzague Rebetez
Drawing & graphic design: Natali Gutierrez Garcia
Szenography assistance: Giuliana Beya Dridi
Costumes: Dustin Kenel

Mentorat: Jen Rosenblit