Über die Arbeit sprechen Alessandra Eramo

In this workshop, Alessandra Eramo and the students will address listening practices “between the inside and the outside” through the use of voice, writing and drawing.

13.03.2023, 15.00–17.30 Uhr – Hochschule der Künste, Auditorium, Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern

Hinweisbild auf den Vortrag «Über die Arbeit sprechen» von Alessandra Eramo

Canto notturno

Workshop auf Englisch

The workshop will be based on her recent sound performance project for choir and field recordings, “Canto Notturno”, which was undertaken and presented in Rome in November-December 2022 as part of the “Fermento: Territori_Suoni_Moltitudini” festival curated by Piersandra Di Matteo, Short Theatre/Area06.

Starting from the imaginative power of the night and the mysterious sounds it offers, exploring the state between sleep and wakefulness, the choir listens to and interprets “with all the cells in the body” the urban soundscape on the border between the real and the imaginary, fluctuating between the present and resonances of the memory of places. In “Canto Notturno”, through the aesthetic and political practice of listening to space, vocal improvisation, storytelling, the use of extended vocal techniques and the recording of environmental sounds, the choir stages the semi-hidden and semi-audible crepuscular acoustic suggestions from the urban space to create a vocal dramaturgy of songs, noises, lullabies, prayers and invented languages.


Alessandra Eramo (*1982 Taranto, IT) is a Berlin-based sound artist, vocalist and composer who works with performance and installation, sound and visual poetry, video, drawing and text, exploring latent acoustic territories of the human voice and noise as socio-political matter. Central to her practice is the extension of the voice in all its forms and implications in sonic and visual contexts, crossing boundaries of genres and traditions. She develops sound art projects and conceptual performances that address questions of the body, memory and identity, often adopting participatory actions, field recording, site-specific modes, and experimental approaches to composition. Her current research focuses on the invisible and the materiality of the voice, the tension between vocality and writing, performative rituals and trance-like states with singing. 


  • Startdatum 13.03.2023, 15.00–17.30 Uhr
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  • Ort Hochschule der Künste, Auditorium, Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern