Creative Practice-Produktionen Master Music Composition

Von interaktiven Installationen über imaginäre Dialoge bis hin zu Mixed-Media-Stücken – die Abschlusskonzerte in Creative Practice nehmen vielseitige musikalischen Aspekte sowie gesellschaftliche Themen auf.

30.08.2024 bis 10.10.2024 – HKB, Auditorium Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Bild aus der Bildwelt für die Diplomveranstaltungen 24: weiss mit schwarzer Schrift TO – Do : Creative Practice Produktionen

Fr, 30. August

18 Uhr: Matthias Müller


A pupa appears to be motionless and yet a transformation takes place. But how can a transformation simultaneously be active and passive?
Conceived as a performative audio play, Pupa interweaves musical, scenographical, installative and performative elements. The duality of active and passive is challenged by blending live performance with audio recordings and blurring the lines between transmitters and receivers, movement and stillness as well as music and silence.
Following the wish to transform their sonic bodies, the five performers slowly disappear in cocoons and isolate themselves from their noisy surroundings. They become listeners and connect with other sounding things and beings in the space to co-produce a vibrating and metamorphosing system.

Mentored by: Cathy van Eck, Angela Bürger
Performers: Paulo Amendoeira, Zhuoni Li, Lisa Mark, Takuma Miyai, Matthias Müller

Di, 24. September

18 Uhr: Aurélien Darbellay

Public Rehearsal

« Hello and welcome to this public rehearsal! », so begins the composition. Or does it? In the particular context of a piece about a public rehearsal, who can tell what is scripted and what is not? When does the piece actually start? What is part of the composition and what is not? Did this person play slightly out of tune on purpose or because it is still a rehearsal, and she still needs to practice? Did this other person cough or scratch his neck because it was written on his score or because he wanted to? We navigate on the borders between scripted theater and potential improvisation, or even spontaneous reactions. Since the boundaries of the rehearsal are blurred, anything could happen: surrealistic conversations between the performers, musicians stuck in rehearsal’s loops, performers taking or losing control of the performance, uncontrolled or uncontrollable musical elements, etc. 

My main objective with this project is to show how the rehearsal, with all its imperfections, can be considered art.

Mentored by: Xavier Dayer
Performers: N.N.

Do, 3. Oktober

18 Uhr: Oğuz Namal 

Perpetuum Null

Perpetuum Null explores the depths of nihilism through music composition, installation art, sound sculpture, and interactive music theatre. Set against the backdrop of a vast, intriguing black box that expands towards the audience, the piece transforms the stage into a living canvas where visuals and sounds combine to reflect on existence and meaning. Under carefully positioned microphones, the piece assembles twenty-six distinct installations, each representing a different part of nihilist philosophy through kinetic and static elements. These are static and kinetic sound sculptures, and their acoustic output is gathered and blended into the quadrophonic soundscape, transporting the audience inside the box. 

Mentored by: Simon Steen-Andersen
Performers: N.N., Oğuz Namal (saxophone)

Di, 8. Oktober

18 Uhr: Lautaro Figueroa Balcarce

Healthy practices 

In the world of music, virtuosity is often celebrated and admired for its technical prowess and expressive depth. Musicians spend countless hours honing their craft, refining their technique, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on their instruments. Healthy practices embraces this virtuosic spirit but takes it a step further by delving into the physicality of musical performance.

Drawing parallels between the rigorous training of athletes, the evolving field of human enhancement in medicine, and other disciplines beyond music, Healthy practices questions established paradigms of excellence in these seemingly disparate domains. Here, musical virtuosity is employed as a physical achievement, prompting us to re-evaluate what it means to be exceptional and redefining our understanding of the very limits of human potential.

Mentored by: Simon Steen-Andersen
Performers: Lis Marti, Maïwenn Bachmann, Cassandra Hutsteiner, Paulo Amendoeira

Do, 10. Oktober

18 Uhr: Lautaro Tesar

Am I becoming a stage machinist?

The organisation: such a highly bureaucratic part of music-making. 
How much of my time I cannot devote to tasks such as composing, developing, mixing, reflecting, etc. on my own productions? Will producing a piece where the performers have no agenda, feelings, or opinions let me free from organisational, sentimental, temporal, musical, and performing concerns?
Through an audiovisual journey, experimenting with different types of sounds, materials, resonances, movements, projections, and reflections, this module-based composition will attempt to meet that objective.
Mentored by: Simon Steen Andersen
Performers: Lautaro Tesar

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  • Startdatum 30.08.2024
    In Kalender eintragen
  • Enddatum 10.10.2024
  • Ort HKB, Auditorium Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern