Registration Master Design

Come and spend a day with a student at the HKB! While visiting the Master of Arts in Design, and being immersed in the midst of university life, you will experience for yourself what it is like to study with us. Of course, the idea is not to be able to understand everything presented to you on the day, instead you will be able to get an impression of what the study program feels like, and benefit from hearing about the experiences from a current student. 

How does it work?

Upon completing the registration form (see below), we will assign you to a Master of Arts in Design student. This person will contact you via email to arrange a suitable date for your shadowing day. 

Who can register?

  • Students in the last two years of high school or vocational school.
  • Graduates of a university with an interest in further studies.
  • Prospective students who meet the admission requirements.